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A Letter From The Bold Women.

Dear Reader,


It is with joy and gratitude that we announce the long-awaited launch of this website. It is finally here!

Our online store is an extension of our physical location, dedicated to retailing quality African production. 


Our opening collection, by LOKO, our in-house line, is a celebration of the women who have made this journey possible. Each piece is a thank you note that bears the name of a Bold Woman that has brought something wonderful to this table. There are many more pieces, and thanks yous, to come.


As this space grows, and evolves, we will continue to phase in collections from the talented African designers that we work with.

We hope you find something that resonates with you or at the very least, learn something new from the short stories we've shared in the 'about me' section of each item.


Thank you for being a part of this journey!

With love,

The Bold Women.

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